Monday, October 25, 2010

Pottery Studio by Creativity for Kids Review

Grow through Creative Play

Do Art Pottery Studio introduces children to the art and history of hand sculpted pottery. From pinch pots to clay figurines, this pottery wheel set will teach and inspire. There is also a fully illustrated instruction booklet that will provide young artists with an exceptional introduction to the art and craft of hand thrown pottery. The wheel surface is grooved which helps to hold the clay firmly and keeps it centered. The foot pedal operation means no on/off switch to worry about, so the batteries last a long time. The foot pedal operation requires 4 C batteries (not included).

**Important Note - Our pottery wheel is a high quality children's craft product. Although the function is similar, it should not be compared to real pottery wheels costing hundreds/thousands of dollars.

Age Range : 8 - 98

• pottery wheel w/foot pedal (8 7/8"w x 3"h x 9 7/8"d)

• 3lbs. of synthetic air dry clay

• trimming cord w/handles

• 6 piece sculpting tool set

• white base paint

• opaque acrylic paints

• transparent glaze paints

• 2 paint brushes

• sponge

• large table cover

• artists apron

The Pottery Studio is $ 49.99

Inspire Natural Curiosity

Encourage Childhood Creativity

My Review:
Thank you to Creativity for Kids for letting us review this product.
D Man and Ducky loved making there pottery piece.
This set comes with everything you need to make a nice piece of pottery for yourself or someone you love.
I liked that you controlled the Pottery Wheel by a foot pedal.
If you have children they will have so much creating there own masterpiece.
The directions are easy to follow.  You are able to mold the piece to whatever shape you want.
When your all finished you let it dry and then you can put the finishing touch by painting your piece.
You can reuse the Pottery Studio, you will just need to buy the refill of clay, Creativity for Kids sells this at the website @
Our children had so much fun creating there piece of pottery.

Creativity for Kids MANY other products :

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Saturday and Sunday Fun

D Man and Ducky with there night masks.
They begged me for these and every night they wear them.

My husband with his lizard earring.
 D Man wanted to run today for 40 minutes and here he is doing it. Last week he did 30 minutes.
I couldn't resist this picture, she is so beautiful!!!
 Daddy and Ducky:)
Daddy and Ducky being silly!!
Daddy riding D Man's scooter.

D Man and Ducky holding a green anole that D Man caught.
Green Anole

D Man and Ducky LOVE Nature!!
They were outside ALL day.

Green Anole

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall Crafts

D'Man's  finished product.

 Ducky's finsihed product

We took two toilet paper rolls and out them together.
We mixed paints to make brown and then painted our trunks.
Then we glued fake leaves to our tree branches and the construction paper.
And to finish they used the glue dots for the ground along with leaves.
Thank you to for this idea.

Look What I Did with a Leaf!!!! BY: Morteza E. Sohi
 My Sister In Law gave me this book last year and I didn't have a chance to make anything from it. We had our Harvest Time with Our Homeschool Group and this is the craft we did.  It's a turtle made out of leaves.
There are so many other Leaf Nature Crafts in this book and it tells you the different leaf shapes and about The Life Cycle of a Leaf.
Collage Crafts are:
Place Mats
 We also read the book:
Fall Leaves Fall By: Zoe Hall

Saturday, October 9, 2010

2nd Place in the Region!!!!!!

D Man on Rings
Muscle Up on Rings
Saluting the judge
After a front hand string, It looks like he is praising God.
Holding a straddle on the floor.
P Bar Strength.
P Bar Strength.
Giants on High Bar
8 year developmental team.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Raw Food Made Easy

Chocolate Tart with Strawberries
"My first raw dessert"
 It actually tasted good.
Lettuce Wraps with Hummus and Red Pepper.
D Man loved these.

These recipes came from a book called:
Raw Made Easy
By: Jennifer Cornbleet

The Sumerians-Lesson 7- 3500-2500 B.C.

What is a civilization?
A civilization is born when you have lots of people living near one another who depend on each other to live.
 The Sumerians lived in the " Fertile Crescent"
which is between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in modern day Iraq.
They called this area " Mesopotamia" which means "land between to two rivers."

In the city of Ur, they built ziggurats ( flatten pyramid) for there gods. They worshiped there gods in the temple. We believe in the ONE TRUE GOD.

 The Sumerians puppets
The Sumerians very amazing people.
They had accomplished many things.
After the flood alot of the skills had been lost and The Sumerians brought back things that were lost.
For example:
Flushing toilets
irrigation systems
hot/cold running water

They invented the wheel.
There written language was called " cuneiform"
Above D Man and Ducky made there own "cuneiform tablets.

Abraham was an Sumerians, he came from Sumeria.
He left the city of Ur to seek  the one true God.

 The Sumerians were intelligent people. But we know very little about them, This is the Mystery of History.